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Lipizzaner breed history

Lime- also known as linder or basswood, lipa, lipovec or lipica (pron. lipizza) in Slovene. The Slavs consider it a tree of life. The most widely spread in Europeis the beautiful, branchy silver lime (Tilia argentea), which can reach the age of 1,200 years and several meters around its trunk. The lime was worshipped as early a sin pagan tumes. Under its crowns, the Slovenes used to gather also the spiritual regularly, telling stories to each other or dancing.

The central village lime tree was nucleus of the place. A document from the second hald of the 15th century bears evindence that there was awine shop with a small lime tree, i.e. lipica, in front o fit in a little willage near Lokev. This is where the villagers gathered for a glass or two. It is said that the village was named ofter it, and the Stud Farm happens to bear the name of the village.

The transfer of the species to Hungary

The breeding of Lipizzaner horses in Hungary began in the early 1800s, when the stud was transferred from Lipica to Mezőhegyes in order to save the animals from the Napoleonic troops.

Lines of Genealogy

Regarding the preservation of Lipizzaner horse as a traditional species of exclusive pedigree the respect of tradition plays significant role along with the preservation of primarily formal characteristics, and standard features such as the preservation and continuation of the established genealogical lines and mare families. 


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