Farewell of the State Stud Farm Szilvásvárad from Prince Philip

He was accompanied on his last journey, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

We have to say goodbye pretty slowly not only to a true-hearted equestrian man, but to the spirit of an entire era. From an era in which equestrian people selflessly help each other through everyday battlefields to equestrian matches, keeping our beloved horses in mind for all interests.

In addition to true human values, Prince Philip noticed and appreciated the miracles that connected the past with the present. Such a miracle can be called the Hungarian horse breeding and equestrian culture, which has experienced so many adversities, on which our driving successes rely. He recognized and even admired our values and also selflessly helped our equestrian lives, especially with regard to carriage driving sport.

His admiration was not only expressed with sentences, but with His willingness to act. Acknowledging our results, he intervened as the President of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) and then opened the first European Championship of the sport in Budapest. He also wrote himself in the history books during the constructions, when he laid down the foundations of regulations. He retired from the equestrian sport of polo, but then continued as a succesful four-in hand carriage driver. He gained many Hungarian friends and even role models at the competitions. His presence helped to forget the shadows of the Iron Curtain, and in the company of equestrian lovers they could once again feel peace.

One of Tibor Pettkó-Szandter's basic works entitled „Hungarian Carriage” was one of his favorite readings. According to the reports, he considered Imre Abonyi as a professional role model and friend. He also had a similar opinion about the work of Bertalan Némethy, which we can see from the foreword to Némethy's book „The de Némethy Method”.

Here we must not forget His name among the white rocks of the Bükk Mountains. 1984 made this small but more symbolic village, Szilvásvárad, legendary. Thanks to his humanity and professional foresight, we were able to win the right to host the World Championship. During the historical moments, after Budapest, equestrian people not only from Europe but from all over the world could unite. In addition to the Hungarian successes in the world, we must not forget that the event put the Hungarian homeland of Lipizzaner horses on a succesful track that continues even to this day.

Unfortunately, his portrait made in Szilvásvárad, to be sent for his 99th birthday, sank into the waves of bureaucracy.

Last week, in the final minutes of the indoor driving championship finals, we remembered the Prince with silence, just on the track where the he won the world championship bronze medal in team, just in front of the podium on which he himself could stand.

On the occasion of the World Cup Driving in July, we would like to commemorate and express our gratitude for His efforts for Hungarian driving sports and for Szilvásvárad in the form of a memorial inauguration. We would like to place the piece of art at the stallion stable, the walls of which protected His horses during the World Championships.

We will certainly preserve his memory, until in Szilvásvárad we will remember horses, so looking back at our past, perhaps thousands of years later, our descendants will be grateful for the Prince.

Cseri Dávid

Leader of State Stud Farm Szilvásvárad