State Stud Farm Szilvásvárad

In Hungary, the Bükk-fennsík and Szilvásvárad have been the home to the Lipizzan horse breed, which is considered a cultural heritage of Europe since the beginning of the 1950s, with a breeding history of more than 440 years. The stud that gave birth to the breed that was founded in 1580 in Lipica, a small village on the karst plateau near Trieste, by Archduke Károly of Habsburg, son of Ferdinand I, in order to supply the Viennese court with appropriate, "representative" horses. Today, the successor states of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy maintain state studs that breed Lipizzaner horses.

We owe a lot to this breed, which has fought with us through the storms of history for centuries and has never let us down. One of the noblest breeds, the horse of the art of movement, which stands out among its peers with its intelligence, endurance, organizational strength and, above all, its performance. The breed that, after the whirlwind of battles, is also to be reckoned with in today's equestrian competitions. With the breed's excellent value-measuring properties, countless world and European championship titles prove that, in addition to nurturing our traditional values, the Lipizzan horse has also demonstrated the ability to achieve modern sporting achievements through expert selection. Our stallion Favory XXX won the title of the world's most successful marathon horse.

The first state stud farm dedicated to the gene preservation of our protected historical lipizzan horse breed, registered as our national treasure, was founded in Szilvásvárad ont he 22nd of January, 1953. Based on 70 broodmares, the stock of the Lipizzan stud farm consists of a total of about 330 horses. The foals and breeding mares can be found in Ménesudvar in Szilvásvárad, the 1-3-year-old mares can be found in the foal breeding farm near Nagyvisnyó, while the stallion foals can be found in the foal breeding farm on the Bükk plateau.

Services of State Stud Farm Szilvásvárad:

  • stud visit with carriage
  • driving lessons
  • trail riding
  • riding lessons
  • wedding carriage service
  • team-building programs
  • driving lessons for beginners
  • equestrian show
  • museums, exhibitions
    (Lipizzan Horse History Exhibition and Carriage Museum, "Szilvásvárad at the service of horses from 1000 BC to the present day")

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