Terms and Conditions

Full-bred Lipizzaner horses registered by Magyar Lótenyésztők Országos Egyesülete (National Association of the Hungarian Horse-Breeders) and halfbred horses of Lipizzaner kind are to be led up for auction.

Terms and conditions to lead horses up and take part in the auction are subject to the submission of the „Horse passport” filled for also transportations, in the absence of it the application form, accompanied by the veterinary certificates in compliance with the effective regulations.

We kindly ask the participants with an intention of purchase to provide their data in the course of auction registration, so that the contract could be prepared in case of a possible transaction.

It is possible to bid only with the signal taken over on the spot. A deposit of HUF 70,000 is to be paid at the reception of the signals, which is to be returned at the end of the bid in exchange for them. Should the bidder fail to conclude the contract with the owner of the horse after having won the bid, it is not entitled to reclaim the deposit. We provide caution catalogue (1 pc) as per each signal free of charge.

To maintain a closer contact, we provide the signal holders with a separate part of tribune, which is requested to be occupied during the bid.

Horses will be led up in numerical order of the catalogue, on halter, or bridle, in some instance freely. It is possible for the owners to show and auction his/her horses in a team or group. In case of inefficient bidding for the group, it is possible to lead up the horses again individually and auction them one by one.

Bid is made in HUF,

  • up to HUF 1,000,000 can be raised by HUF 20,000
  • over HUF 1,000,000 can be raised by HUF 50,000

Bid may be accepted below the upset price by lack of interest in accordance with the set amount above. However, the owner of the horse is entitled to cease the bid at any time in this case by raising the provided signal.

The auction or the selling price is net price, and is subject to VAT of 27%.

The owner of the horse concludes the contract with the buyer to win the bid immediately by filling the form provided by the organization, which contains the following clauses:

  • the deposit of 20% is to be paid for the owner at signing the contract
  • the full amount is to be settled in 10 days
  • the horse is to be carried off in 10 days
  • in case of delivery after the 10th day the buyer is bound to pay an allowance of HUF 2,000 + VAT / day to the seller for each day
  • should not the purchase price be settled within 15 days, the contract is to be terminated, and the seller has the right to keep the horse and the received deposit.

The organizing committee maintains the right of the change concerning the list of horses offered for sale.

Állami Ménesgazdaság Szilvásvárad (State Stud Farm of Szilvásvárad) and Magyar Lipicai Lótenyésztők Országos Egyesülete (National Association of the Hungarian Horse-Breeders) take part in the programme as owners and organizers.

Ménesgazdaság (Stud Farm) puts also its own horses for auction, but it is not entitled to take over any deposit, or any amount of the purchase price for the horses sold additionally, and it has any contractual relationship with neither the Buyer to win the bid, nor other Seller in the subject of purchasing horse, and no responsibility is lied upon it for the sale.