Equestrian Sport Club

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Its purpose: To facilitate the sport try-out of the Lipizzan horse breed, to examine their own performance in driving and other competitions, to nurture the traditions of equestrian culture, and to carry out equestrian sports activities.

If necessary, the Association undertakes to represent the interests of its members and sponsors competitors.

Another goal is to organize equestrian sports events, support equestrian sports activities, expand the knowledge of young people related to equestrian culture in the framework of educational lectures, debate evenings and organization of publications.

The association cooperates with equestrian clubs and associations operating inside and outside the country.

Address: 3348 Szilvásvárad, Egri út 16.



A dressage show presents the perfect harmony and harmony between horse and rider, actually the alpha and omega of training.

Show jumping

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Carriage Driving

Carriage driving was already among the events of the ancient Greek Olympics. The first professionally recorded race can be read in Homer's Iliad.


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Already in ancient times, people were excited to prove their courage and skill on a galloping horse with acrobatic exercises.


Our equestrian services

Our equestrian services

Lovaglás oktatás

Riding lessons


Visit the stud

Hajtókocsi kiállítás

Carriage museum


Trail Rides to Csipkéskút

Fajtatörténeti kiállítás

Historic exhibition

Parádi Cifra istálló

Parád-Cifra Stable



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