Trail Rides to Csipkéskút

Take a tour the most beautiful parts of the Bükk plateau on our elegant Lipizzan horses.

The tour starts from Szilvásvárad and winds its way through the most beautiful parts of Bükk to Csipkéskút, which lies at an altitude of 860 meters. Csipkéskút has been the winter accommodation of the Lipizzan plovers for more than 50 years. Some of the natural stone buildings function as lodgings, where you can relax after a 4-hour tour and enjoy the next day's tour again.

Tour riding:

  • All-day tour riding (4-5 hours of riding)
  • Multi-day tour: We offer occasional offers.


Csipkéskúti túralovaglás  Csipkéskúti túralovaglás    Csipkéskúti túralovaglás